Commonwealth of Dracul

"Building a Micronation under God"

Dmitri Howie


Stephen Luke

Vice President

Local Dracul Time:

  • Draculian National Anthem0:54
  • The Sacred War1:54
  • President's Entry2:03
  • Sound of the Fanfare2:31
  • All Together Now1:11

The National Anthem lyrics were created by the first President's Cabinet in September of 2017. The lyrics were inspired by both the President and Vice President's birth countries, and shed light on the struggles and wars fought by both Russia and Romania. Both countries have always been strong allies, especially with Romania being one of the former Soviet Union's most loyal satellite states.

Our spirit lives as long as our sons hearts beat for Dracul,

The spirit of Dracul will live for many centuries,

The abyss of hell threatens, fire of thunder is in vain.

We stand steadfast, like cliffs and let the traitor of his home be damned! (x2)