Commonwealth of Dracul

"Building a Micronation under God"

Dmitri Howie


Stephen Luke

Vice President

Local Dracul Time:

The Commonwealth of Dracul accepts Citizenship applications all year round. The purpose of becoming a citizen is to not only increase the population, but also partake in opportunities within the Commonwealth. Applicants may be citizens of other micronations (dual citizenship), however, any citizen of a micronation, currently in negative relations with the Commonwealth, may be denied or held until relations have improved.

Citizens are currently offered education and employment within the nation. Most of these employment opportunities are virtual/online and can be done at the comfort of a computer or mobile device. All citizens receive a free banking account for their Draculian money.

If you'd like to become a part of a great nation, feel free to apply for citizenship today. Applications are reviewed Monday-Friday, 9AM to 5PM central time. Applications submitted during the weekend will be delayed until the following business day.

Contact Naturalization Services by email at DNS @ for assistance or general information.