Commonwealth of Dracul

"Building a Micronation under God"

Dmitri Howie


Stephen Luke

Vice President

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Financial Aid

For citizens who are retired or disabled, you are eligible to apply for Security Insurance, a form of Social Security, as in other countries. Applicants must meet requirements in order to receive the monthly benefits. Submit your application today to find out if you're eligible for these government benefits.

Click here if you wish to apply for Security Insurance

Seeking a way to make a living? Need to earn Draculian money? Seek employment through government services by viewing our list of current open positions. We advertise both civilian and governmental jobs online. We are proud to offer Draculian employment to our citizens. Employment is only available to current Draculian Citizens. You can apply for citizenship by clicking here.

Click here if you are seeking employment.

Do you wish to become a part of the Commonwealth of Dracul? Becoming a citizen of our great micronation has many perks. Find out what our citizens are provided with, along with their way of life. Citizenship is always free, but does not come with residency. Employment and education are two of the biggest offers with citizenship, along with financial assistance.

Click here if you're interested in citizenship.

Security Insurance (Social Security)

Do you need to attend a Draculian University or receive income until employment is found? Request financial aid through the government treasury department. Handouts depend on current situation, employment status, and what the money is intended to be used for. Draculian money is both physical and electronic. Applying is always free.

Click here if you wish to apply for financial aid.

Stephen the Great University, a non-accredited university in Dracul, provides education to the citizens of Dracul. Classes are online, which range from world history, all the way to mathematics. Our choices of lessons make attending our university worthwhile.

Click here to apply for classes.