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Notice: Citizen Portal will be discontinued December 1, 2022 and replaced by Dracul 2 Citizen.


How can we help you today?

The Citizen Service Portal was designed to help citizens correct information more accurately and with ease. Simply select an option below in order for us to help you get started today. Need further assistance? Contact Citizen Services via email at services(at)

Did you recently have a change of address or email address? Get a new telephone number? Easily change that information on file by submitting the updated details.

Do you need a copy of your citizenship certificate? Lost your voter registration certificate? Request a copy, either physical or digital today.

Want to let Dracul know that you're still around? Take advantage of our Citizen Check In feature. Check ins are good for one month.

Interested in working for Dracul as a civilian or a government employee? Take a look at a list of our current job openings. Do you own a business and need employees? We can help with that too!

Become a part of what defends Dracul, both digitally and physically, by enlisting in our armed forces. Army and Air Patrol are the top two services in the Commonwealth.

Looking for something to do in Dracul on the social level? Search through a list of our clubs and organizations that unite Draculians together. You can even start a club of your own, which others can search for and join.

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