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The best way to contact Dracul is by email and phone. You may also find us throughout the year at our address provided below. In order to make an appointment at the Houston Embassy, please contact us below.

We ask that you DO NOT use this contact form to establish relations with us. Dracul is currently closed to mutual recognition requests and will not make any exceptions. Requests for recognition with this form will be deleted.

Ensure you select the most accurate department to contact when submitting the form (i.e. a message regarding recognition sent to the President will only further delay your message to the State Department).

Be considerate of our time and yours. Inappropriate submissions, such as declarations of war, satire messages, or frivolous claims will be ignored and deleted to maintain professional standards.

Our community meets at Sylvan Rodriguez Park, at 1201 Clear Lake City Blvd in Houston, Texas, for yearly scheduled events.


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