Commonwealth of Dracul

Deo Vindice

Dracul National Emergency Center

Administration of DNEC

Safeguarding Draculian Lives

Shaun O'Hare

Chief Inspector of Civil Protection

Sarah Estrada

Battalion Chief of Fire/EMS

The DNEC was established on October 28, 2020, to provide better emergency services to the Commonwealth of Dracul community. With crime rates and medical calls up for the nearby US City of Houston, response times have been unsatisfactory. The DNEC aims at providing a reasonable response for all forms of emergencies, ranging from crime, medical, and fire. With a staff of emergency responders, we can ensure your call and issue is handled appropriately. For those who are abroad, requesting assistance, we ask that you contact your local macro government emergency services center.

EMERGENCY: (832) 308-1107

NON-EMERG: (832) 501-0115