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Employment Openings

Jobs are ranked 1-5, with 1 meaning less time and 5 meaning the most time required for the job. Applying for a job that you do not have the time for may result in your early termination and puts trainers at a disadvantage. For those with minimum time, apply for jobs marked 1-3. If you are seeking a military career, please visit the military section. If you recently saw a position listed and no longer see it, the position has been filled.

Government Openings

Secretary of the Treasury

Commitment Level: 2, Age 21+

Posted 04/13/2023

Open until filled - Handles expenses of the Commonwealth, invoices, banknote design and production. Manages income and expenses.

Civil Protection Officer

Commitment Level: 2, Age 21+

Posted 04/07/2023

Open until filled - National Law Enforcement, enforces laws, makes arrests, brings charged individuals before a magistrate.

Municipal Judge - Bran District

Commitment Level: 2, Age 21+

Posted 04/07/2023

Open until filled - Oversees civil and criminal cases in Bran District. Determines judgments and enforces warrants.

Telecommunications Operator

Commitment Level: 2, Age 18+

Posted 04/07/2023

Open until filled - Answers 911 and non-emergency calls for civil protection, fire and EMS. Training provided for emergency system. Must be willing to work with phone system.

Non-Government Openings

News Contributor - Dracul1 News

Commitment Level: 2, Age 16+

Posted 05/10/2023

Open until filled - Writes articles on developments in Dracul and the micro community. Interviews citizens and government officials to collect more information.

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