Commonwealth of Dracul

Deo Vindice

Notice to applicants: Effective January 1, 2020, all Dracul Government Employees must pay $12/year for access to their Government email accounts. Presented on this page are divisions of current government and civilian employment opportunities throughout Dracul. These are regularly updated, so please check back often. Applicants must hold citizenship in order to be considered for position.‚Äč It is important to know that all positions are intern-style positions. There will be no payment of US or other macronation currency. Click a position of interest below to learn more and apply.

Federal OpeningsDate OpenedDate ClosingAction
Director of Naturalization04/25/2019Until FilledApply Now
Answers to the Department of Naturalization, overseeing all Naturalization officers and their job duties. Conducts hiring process.
Dean of Students07/02/2019Until FilledApply Now
Approves enrollment at Stephen the Great University. Issues certificates for completion of all online courses to students.
Maintenance Inspector07/23/2019Until FilledApply Now
Responsible for the weekly inspection of the common areas of Dracul, reporting priority repairs/clean up.
Chief of Civil Protection11/25/2019Until FilledApply Now
Ensures the safety and security of the Commonwealth, by enforcing rules and regulations.
Space Agency Director11/25/2019Until FilledApply Now
Manages and operates the space agency, along with our partners.