Commonwealth of Dracul

Deo Vindice

Enlisted Ranks

Dracul Army-Air Corps.

Private (E-1)

  • A trainee starting Basic Combat Training
  • The most junior rank in the Army-Air Corps.
  • Abbreviated PV1
  • Eligible for promotion to private E-2) after 6 months time in service
  • Primary role is to carry out orders issued to them

Private (E-2)

  • Second most junior rank in the Army-Air Corps., and the first at which a Soldier wears rank insignia
  • Abbreviated PV2
  • Eligible for promotion to private first class after 4 months time in rank and 12 months time in service

Private First Class (E-3)

  • Start BCT with experience or prior military training
  • Abbreviated PFC
  • Carries out orders issued to them
  • Eligible for promotion to specialist after 6 months time in rank and 24 months time in service

Specialist (E-4)

  • Can manage enlisted Soldiers of lower rank
  • Abbreviated SPC
  • Eligible for promotion to sergeant after 11 months time in rank and 47 months time in service

Corporal (E-4)

  • Base of the noncommissioned officer ranks and abbreviated CPL
  • Serve as a team leader of the smaller army units
  • Responsible for individual training, personal appearance and cleanliness of Soldiers

Sergeant (E-5)

  • Typically leads a team or section
  • First line leaders who have the most direct impact on Soldiers
  • Oversee Soldiers in their daily tasks

Staff Sergeant (E-6)

  • Leads a squad (8 to 16 soldiers)
  • Enforces standards, develop and train Soldiers in MOS skills and unit missions
  • Often has one or more sergeants under their leadership
  • Responsible for developing, maintaining, and utilizing the full range of the Soldier's potential

Sergeant First Class (E-7)

  • Key assistant and advisor to the platoon leader with the responsibility of training and caring for Soldiers

Master Sergeant (E-8)

  • Principal NCO at the battalion level and often higher

First Sergeant (E-8)

  • Senior NCO in companies, batteries, and troops
  • Principal NCO and life-blood of the company: the provider, disciplinarian and wise counselor
  • Instructs other sergeants, advises the commander and helps train all enlisted Soldiers
  • Assists officers at the company level (60 to 200 soldiers)

Sergeant Major (E-9)

  • Subject matter expert in his/her technical field, primary advisor on policy development and analytical reviewer of regulatory guidance
  • Experience and abilities are equal to that of the command sergeant major, but serves as the senior enlisted adviser to a primary staff officer at the battalion or higher
  • Assists officers at the battalion level (300 to 1000 soldiers)

Command Sergeant Major (E-9)

  • Senior NCO of the command at battalion or higher levels
  • Without supervision, a CSM's counsel is expected to be calm, settled and accurate - with unflagged enthusiasm
  • Supplies recommendations to the commander and staff, and carries out policies and standards on the performance, training, appearance, and conduct of enlisted personnel
  • Training professional within the unit, overseeing and driving the entire training program
  • Assists officers at the brigade level (1500 ot 3200 Soldiers) and above

Sergeant Major of the Army-Air Corps. (E-9)

  • Only one sergeant major of the Army-Air Corps.
  • The epitome of what it means to be a sergeant and oversees all NCOs
  • Serves as the senior enlisted advisor and consultant to the chief of Staff of the Army (four-star general)