Commonwealth of Dracul

Deo Vindice

Dracul Department of State

On behalf of the Draculian people we promote and demonstrate democratic values and advance a free, peaceful, and prosperous world. The Dracul Department of State leads Dracul’s foreign policy through diplomacy, advocacy, and assistance by advancing the interests of the Draculian people, their safety and economic prosperity. There shall be at the seat of government an executive department to be known as the "Department of State," and a Secretary of State, who shall be the head thereof.


Diplomacy & Recognition

The Commonwealth of Dracul informally recognizes all micronations. If a micronation desires to establish full diplomatic relations with the Commonwealth, please complete our online application form, which you can find here.  Please be aware that our requirements for formal recognition must be met to receive recognition and diplomacy. There are no exceptions. If a requesting Micronation meets these criteria, the Department of State will contact them and send a Treaty of Recognition and Friendship, signed by the Secretary of State for the approval of the government of the requesting Micronation. Your micronation will be judged on content, achievements, reputation and diplomatic behavior in the micronational community.

Effective 12/17/2018, Parliament may terminate any treaties they feel violate the criteria or violate relations with Dracul. Interested parties can view the Diplomatic Criteria Requirements. Regarding our dissolved list: Most micronations are transitory in the extreme, many with lifespans of less than a year, some with lifespans of only some few days. States listed below have been previously recognised but for whatever reason -- no apparent activity updated in ten years, website vanished, contact emails now bouncing -- their recognition has been suspended. If you represent one of these states, please contact us and we will update our records.

Valeriano Anibarro

Secretary of State

Mr. Anibarro has served with the Draculian Government as a Representative since 2018. His dedication to Dracul has been proven time again, especially now with handling diplomacy requests.