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Honorary Citizenship Request

A request for honorary citizenship for a deceased person may only be submitted by a member of the immediate family, such as wife, husband, son, daughter, or grandparent. Most of the time, we do not honor requests from friends, since the information of the individual will be entered into our database without family knowledge. Close friends since childhood may submit a request. Members of the Dracul government, who knew the individual on a personal level may ask the family for a request to be made.

Honorary Citizenship, once approved, will come with a physical certificate, which you may store away or hang on a photo frame. A citizenship number does not come with this status and deceased parties cannot be registered to vote.

FNS does not offer Honorary Citizenship to those who are still alive, as they must voluntarily make the request themselves to become a part of our community. If an individual is found to be alive, after a request has been approved, their status as an honorary citizenship will be revoked.

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