Commonwealth of Dracul

Deo Vindice

What is a Micronation?

A micronation is an organization created and maintained as if it were a nation and/or a state, and generally carrying with it some, most or all of the attributes of nationhood, and likewise generally carrying with it some of the attributes of statehood. Though a micronation may well have begun as a mere drollery, it has the potential (given the evolution of a sufficiently vital national culture) to develop into a true nation, and possibly to achieve statehood.

Most micronations are purely simulations or causes, showing the world and others how a government can be maintained. For most, micronations are not threats to other governments and typically are not anti-government. Some micronations such as Dracul, are learning institutions, showing others how government positions are to be performed. Micronations should not be confused with anti-government, anarchy cults.

Most recognized governments of the world are aware of micronations and do not typically have any issues with them. Dracul does not speak out against any recognized government, unless that government violates human rights.

Are Micronations Legal?

Micronations normally operate legally, given they do not attempt to physically or electronically attack a government. Having an organization, operating in a government style does not violate most countries national or state laws. Dracul is a nonprofit association, that does not have any intention of violating any law. There are rarely any incidents of citizenships being revoked, because of one's association to a micronation.