Commonwealth of Dracul

Deo Vindice

Commonwealth of Dracul is hosting the first online micro workshop, set to take place the 27 February 2021. The speakers of this event felt it necessary to host this event, due to the growing amount of conflict and struggle for many micronationalists within the community. This event seeks to educate new and current micronationalists, who feel their skills and knowledge need improvement.

At the present time, the workshop aims at discussing the following subjects and areas:

  • Micronational Wars and Conflict
  • Implementing Cryptocurrency
  • Gaining more Citizenships
  • Ecological Micronationalism
  • Social Media Interaction
  • Establishing Government Agencies
  • Accurate History and Claims
  • Avoiding Controversy
  • Creating Culture and Traditions
  • Operating a Monarchy
  • Professional Diplomacy
  • Heraldry and Vexillology
  • Personal Data Handling

This event has chosen some of the most distinguished micronationalists to speak on the above subjects:

  • President Kevin Baugh, Molossia
  • Grand Duke Travis McHenry, Westarctica
  • Grand Duke Nicholas, Flandrensis
  • Prince Frei von Fraahsen, Lorenzburg
  • Vice President Stephen Luke, Dracul
  • Minister John Farr, West Who
  • Prince Elector Rameses, Fidelis
  • King Thomas I, Hrafnarfjall