Commonwealth of Dracul

Deo Vindice

National Music of Dracul

Majority of Dracul's culture comes from Prussian, Russian, and Romanian. With this being the case, most of the music is associated with these three cultures. The National Music of Dracul can be heard live at Dracul parades, ceremonies, and during national holidays. Music that cannot be performed by a band in person, is typically recorded in a studio, to be played during said events. While there are many other wonderful songs for special occasions, these are the most prominent. We invite you to hear the pride of Dracul through these new and ancient songs.

Draculian National Anthem
Draculian Miliary Band

Dracul has not yet fell, so long as we still live for Father Vlad

God and country are the high goals to live by for a great life

Take your sword and fight the foe, for Vlad did the same for us

Honesty and faithfulness, are the valued morals

Show the foe why we win feuds, with God in the field with us

Citizens and allies, come together for victory.

Parade March 1
Draculian Military Band
The Helen March
Draculian Military Band
The Review March
Draculian Military Band
Düppel-Schanzen Storm March
Draculian Military Band