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Notice: Be advised that the mutual recognition program has replaced by the 1933 Montevideo Convention, Art. 3.

Treaties & Agreements

Provided on this page are a list of micronations who are in pacts and/or agreements with Dracul. Micronations that have dissolved and are no longer in contact with us have been removed from the list, due to their revoked or expired status. If you've been approved for trade and your name is no longer listed, it was removed due to a lack of communication.

List updated: 3 March 2023

Established 2022

Grand Duchy of Westarctica

Import: Military Medals

Export: N/A

Penn Federal Republic

Import: N/A

Export: Banknote Services

Empire of Austenasia

Import: N/A

Export: Television Services

Established 2023

Kingdom of Stratton

Import: Statues

Export: Identification Cards

Principality of Perjoden

Import: N/A

Export: Identification Cards

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