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National Holidays

Celebrating national holidays helps bring the community closer together, as it provides opportunity to meet others.

National Holidays

An asterisk ** next to a holiday means in person gathering, unless cancelled

New Years Eve/Day

December 31, January 1

World Religion Day

January 15

Founders' Day

February 5

Stephen Hawking Day

March 14

Saint Patrick's Day

March 17

Easter Sunday


Chernobyl Remembrance Day **

April 26

Dracul Victory Day **

May 9

National Flag Day

June 10

William McCumber Day

July 2

Saint Nicholas II Day **

July 17

Dracul Foundation Day **

September 25

Aaron Hood Day

October 5

Remembrance Day

October 28

Vlad Tepes Birthday

November 2


Christmas Eve/Day

December 24, 25

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