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Department of State

Effective April 20, 2022, Dracul no longer offers an application for mutual recognition. Dracul is now a supporter of the 1933 Montevideo Convention's Article 3, meaning automatic recognition to all states. Any forms of recognition are in the form of trade agreements and military pacts, to micronations providing constant support and longevity within the community and to Dracul.

Interested in maintaining communications between our allies? Work in our State Department as an Ambassador.

Protectorates are nations that remain independent, but rely on Dracul to protect them, both physically and digitally.

Many of our relations have been maintained since 2017. We are proud to be recognized by these respected nations.

Understanding the types of recognition that Dracul engages in, along with the ways that nations can lose it.

For those interested in physical imports and exports, visit this section to learn what we provide.

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