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Bran District - Clarksbourg Sister City Partnership

The nations of Dracul and Karnia-Ruthenia came together to establish the first Sister City Partnership

Government Services and Information

Have a question about Dracul? Learn where to find answers to the most requested facts about the Commonwealth of Dracul.

Discover what the Draculian Military has to offer, along with its educational institution, Prezan Military Academy. Experienced instructors and staff.

Learn about Draculian Government Departments and how they contribute to the operation on a daily basis.

Interested in joining our online community? Our server is open to Draculians and visiting diplomats, age 18 or older.

Interested in trade agreements or becoming an ambassador? Contact our State Department for more information.

Working for the Government or as a civilian helps drive Dracul in the right direction, by strengthening the work force.

How Dracul Benefits its Citizens

We provide all citizens a sense of belonging, with an opportunity to grow our nation with others within our government. We host yearly events in Dracul, which all citizens are welcome to attend. Most importantly, our system allows for civil participation via voting, when electing new Members of Parliament and of course, the Chancellery. See how Dracul is different from the rest by joining us today!



Dracul strives to be one of the most professional micronations within the micronational community. We do this by holding our government employees to high standards and professionalism.


Helping your fellow Draculian is one of the many virtues within our community. Draculians do not leave one another behind and show respect towards one another, especially in the course of completing the mission.


Draculians who show true dedication and patriotism to the Commonwealth are eligible to receive awards and specific types of promotions. Certificates, ribbons, and medals are just some of the awards.


Draculians are dedicated individuals, who go out of their way to put work into ensuring an active community. We welcome new citizens who have a passion for dedicating their life to our community.

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