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Advisory: There are currently (0) cases of COVID-19 reported within Dracul.

"One Nation, One Family"

Dracul prides itself in having its own culture, social group, way of life, and current events. Our community is a way to escape the constant bombardment of negativity in world politics, news, and social issues, due to the fact that we have more positivity within our nation.

Quick Links

Prezan was created in 2020, to provide military education and leadership to the micronational community. The academy is operated by U.S. Military Veterans.

Seeking a government or civilian job in Dracul? Our employment section lists job openings, which most citizens can apply for. Government jobs for both state and federal.

Part of Democracy is taking part in free and open elections! As a citizen of Dracul, do your part by voting for various government officials. Only those with a voter registration certificate can take part in elections.

For national patriotism, our online webstore provides various products for citizens to purchase. Items such as flags, stickers, identification cards, and pins.


Physical Territory Claimed Locally

When it comes down to getting to know your community, meeting them in person can make all the difference.

Professional Community

Our nation offers one of the most professional communities within the micronational realm. Seriousness is a priority.

Custom Currency

Dracul offers its own banknotes, which citizens can use as a collector's item, or to exchange with other Draculians. Currency designs change every two to three years.

A Unique Culture

All nations have their own culture and Dracul is no exception. While most might be American within Dracul, our unique culture gives a different experience to those here.

November 8, 2021 is Election Day! Be sure to register to vote by October 31st!

Additional Links

Making a difference in today's world is a priority of Dracul. Whether it's providing resources to victims of conflict or raising awareness, we ensure our campaign goals are met.

In order to maintain the history of Vlad III, our historical society provides educational material to our citizens and the outside community. Learn more about Vlad III and the legacy he left behind.

Dracul is pleased to establish relations with other nations around the world. In order to maintain peace, we work closely with those who respect our values and culture.

Our defense department is tasked with defending our community, our values, and our way of life. Army and Air Patrol are the two branches that consist of Defense.

Wish to connect with us on Discord? Join our server!

Discord Server