Commonwealth of Dracul

Deo Vindice

Dracul Citizenship Service

The Commonwealth of Dracul accepts Citizenship applications all year round. The purpose of becoming a citizen is to not only increase the citizenship number, but also partake in opportunities within the Commonwealth. Applicants may be citizens of other micronations (dual citizenship), however, any citizen of a micronation, currently in negative relations with the Commonwealth may be denied or held until relations have improved. Those who are leaders of other micronations cannot hold government positions with us. In order to be accepted as a new citizen, applicants must pass a 20 question test on Draculian History.

Register to Vote

After receiving your citizenship certificate, you will be eligible to register to vote in our Dracul elections. This includes presidential, midterm (senator, representative, governor, etc), and many other propositions. Citizens are registered by the National Elections Division, for their specific state. No citizen will be able to vote in a state that differs from their own.

Visitors Outside of the U.S.

Although Dracul claims its physical territory, the lands still fall under the authority of the United States Government. Therefore, in order to visit Dracul, you must first obtain a passport and/or visa from Homeland Security. Click here to learn more about obtaining a passport/visa. Please note, you cannot physically move to Dracul, so becoming a citizen for that sole purpose will lead to no actual result.