Commonwealth of Dracul

Deo Vindice

Leaders of the Treasury Department

Establishing and Securing Dracul's Financial Interests

Meghan Bushong

Secretary of the Treasury
Secretary Bushong started her adventure in Dracul as a normal, everyday citizen. In 2020, Bushong was appointed the treasury secretary, after the previous secretary resigned. Bushong intends on revamping the Department for better.

About the Treasury
The Department of the Treasury was established on October 1, 2017, to provide the Commonwealth with a way to conduct business between its citizens, businesses, and other nations. The currency, first in paper form and referred to as the Draculian Mark, eventually included digital currency. The Bank of Vlad hosts both physical and digital currency for the commonwealth.

About the Currency
The Draculian Mark, also displayed as the Φ symbol, is the official currency of Dracul, which at this moment does not hold monetary value. The Parliament, Federal Reserve, and Treasury have held discussions on purchasing Gold and Silver, to establish value for the currency in the near future.

Purchasing Draculian Currency. The currency is able to be purchased as a novelty item, by both Citizens and non-Draculians. For those interested, click here to purchase a set. Price varies, depending on the banknote set selected. Currency is printed on a classified, special type of paper, with a blend of many cotton materials other than just paper. We ensure our banknotes are printed at the highest quality and with the richest ink.

Both citizens and visitors can order available banknotes at the webstore.

2021 Series available for purchase, January