Commonwealth of Dracul

Deo Vindice

Dracul Civil Protection Division

About Civil Protection

Civil Protection was created to assist in the enforcement of regulations and rules, pertaining to the Commonwealth's laws. Civil Protection assists with traffic enforcement, criminal prosecution, and many other areas of law enforcement. Our department consists of two retired U.S. law enforcement officers, who are able to assist with many issues that arise.

Civil Protection is the primary form of defense in the Commonwealth, right below the military. For assistance, please contact our non-emergency dispatch at (202) 350-1637.

Leadership with Civil Protection

Protecting and Serving the Commonwealth

Shaun O'Hare

Chief Inspector
Chief Inspector O'Hare came to Dracul in 2017, to begin a new adventure with a new community. Throughout his time in Dracul, O'Hare served in the army and with the intelligence agency. After retiring from military service, O'Hare accepted the position of Chief Inspector, after the late Constable William McCumber passed away. O'Hare's leadership and experience with security helps him accomplish his goals within the Civil Protection Division.