Commonwealth of Dracul

Deo Vindice

Dracul has not yet fell, so long as we still live for Father Vlad

God and country are the high goals to live by for a great life

Take your sword and fight the foe, for Vlad did the same for us

Honesty and faithfulness, are the valued morals

Show the foe why we win feuds, with God in the field with us

Citizens and allies, come together for victory.

Dracul Heroes and Culture

Dracul is proud to hold cultures of Romanian, Russian, and German. With this being the case, many of the very famous models of these cultures have become heroes to the people of Dracul. Learn about our heroes today and what they did for the Romanian, Russian, and German Peoples.

"Deo Vindice", meaning "God Vindicates", is the motto of Dracul. The Commonwealth of Dracul takes its name from the Prince of Wallachia, Vald Dracula III. This is attributed to why Vlad III is a national hero of Dracul. The Commonwealth of Dracul was established on September 25, 2017, as a Constitutional Republic. Dracul is a fledgling, pleasant nation, renowned for its barren, inhospitable landscape and optional military service. The hard-working, devout population of Draculians have civil rights, enjoy the freedom to spend their money however they like, and take part in free and open elections.

The relatively small government juggles the competing demands of Spirituality, Welfare, and Defense. The average income tax rate is 9.5%. The building Draculian economy is led by the printing industry, with major contributions from banknotes, driver licenses, and other collectibles. Crime, especially youth-related, is almost non-existent. Dracul's national animal is the Dragon, which can occasionally be seen dodging aircraft in the nation's cities.

Important Dates

September 25, 2017 marked the foundation date of the Commonwealth of Dracul. Founded by the Founding Fathers, Dmitri Howie, Stephen Luke, and Mark Millner in Houston, Texas. The micronation was formed to lead by example on how much more micronations could offer their communities, and how to use newer technology for communication and entertainment purposes. The Constitution and Bill of Rights were written the same day.

February 1, 2018 was the founding of the first two states, North and South Dracul. The Federal branches felt it best for the citizens in the North and South to create their own states and governments. This would ultimately result in less stress on the federal level, as the states would manage themselves.

April 10, 2018, a small group of Draculian Citizens had a disagreement with the government over the treatment of religious citizens. The small group voiced that the religious peoples should be targeted, imprisoned, and killed by the Dracul Intelligence Agency. The Federal Government did not take kindly to this proposal and prohibited the small group’s attempt at singling out religious peoples. The small group eventually formed on April of 2018, under the name of “Dracul Confederacy” and attempted to take control of the Capitol in North Dracul. By May 9th, the small group had eventually disbanded and were declared “defeated” by the Federal Government. The leader of the Group, Al Fare, was banned from the community and had his citizenship revoked.

January 7, 2019, elections are held to elect the first governors of the North and South Dracul States. Victory declared by Eric Williams, Jr for North Dracul, by a vote of 66.67 percent. Kassie Bushong secures a South Dracul victory, by a vote of 100 percent.

January 12, 2019, the Department of Foreign Affairs is dissolved and replaced with the Department of State, with Secretary of State Tyler Hibler as the first Secretary under that Department. On this date, Dracul also becomes a member of the I.C.A.N. Security Council, with Ambassador Valeriano Anibarro as the first Dracul Ambassador to I.C.A.N.

Dmitri Howie

Founding Father

Stephen Luke

Founding Father

Mark Millner

Founding Father

Kassie Bushong

Founding Mother