Commonwealth of Dracul

Deo Vindice

Department of Defense

The Department of Defense was founded in 2018, as a measure to protect Citizens and the Government itself from attacks within and abroad. In 2018, a rebel group formed under the command of Al Fare, who attempted to take control of Dracul's government. In response to this attempt, the Department of Defense was formed. Most of Dracul's operations are ceremonial and with other nations as war games. Dracul does not recognize micronation wars and will not support nor participate in them.

Enlistment in the Military

In order to join the military, all applicants must first study the ETBS, which is Dracul's version of the US ASVAB exam. Once the applicant has studied, they may ask to take the exam. If the applicant scores over 70%, they will be offered a position in the branch of their choice.